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If you are passionate about what you do and what to challenge yourself to grow more, Tekno Ahead is the place for you.

Our Culture

Our culture is to believe in following your passion and strive to achieve excellence with a certain degree of experimentation. We preach an environment of honesty, growth and success for all.

This commitment to honesty extends to both internal and external interactions, creating a foundation of trust among employees and clients alike. The company’s culture is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation, where employees are not only encouraged but also empowered to think outside the box and propose groundbreaking ideas. This innovative spirit is evident in the firm’s approach to problem-solving and the continuous exploration of cutting-edge technologies. 

Within the company, transparency and truthfulness are highly valued, fostering an environment where open communication is encouraged at all levels maintaining a certain degree of respect. 

Open positions

Sales Manager

Apply if you are –

Understand boundaries and decorum of the organization and cooperate with colleagues and company at all times

Communicate your expectations from work, company and colleagues in a fair and just manner. Avoiding any unnecessary conflicts later on

Successful IT professionals invest time in staying updated on emerging technologies and industry best practices.

With ever changing IT space it’s of utmost importance to keep your aims higher and work to grow leaps and bonds

A strong foundation in chosen stream of work is fundamental. One should be honest about its skills on the resume.

Sharp eye to detail especially in coding is very important. A small mistake can make a huge impact on deliverability. 

Need to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders is a key skill set so effective written and verbal communication is essential

Flexibility in adapting to changes and staying current with industry trends is vital.